Rob Ford for mayor in 2018? Councillor ‘plotting’ return

After Rob Ford is better, he has no regrets about his political career but his only regret is his personal decisions.

He has until January 30th to sign up to run in the 2018 mayoral running. I find that he should run for mayor. Based on his past political decisions, Rob Ford has done a great job with Toronto, and has done a lot. His personal issues are his personal issues, and should stay that way. If his personal problem doesn’t affect his career as a mayor, I find that it’s not an issue. Last month, Doug Ford announced he would not run to be leader of the Ontario PC party, so it seems as though he’s not set to be on mayor and doesn’t plan to for the future.

-Bneet Bhamra


Mayor John Tory warns of risks of a divided city

John Tory wants a better city that stays clear of urban-suburban rift, the growing gap between rich and poor, racial discrimination and other divides which is causing a threat to the city.

The northeast and northwest sides of Toronto has less transit, more poverty and unemployment than other parts of the city. He warms about a future civil unrest and that the growing population of immigrants is another reason for the unrest.

The ways this situation can be fixed is by creating more jobs, offering more education opportunities and recreational activities.

It’s an obligation to Tory to being about a feeling of togetherness within the immigrant community and the poverty ridden places. I say that structural change is a big way to help the rift become closer and developing community boards.

– Bneet Bhamra


Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey slashes her own pay

Linda Jeffrey decides to reduce her own pay. Whether it’s a mockery to the previous mayor Susan Fennell, no one knows, but it does bring about a chance since Fennell was one of the highest paid mayors in Canada.

Not even the premier of the province receives a salary as high as the previous mayor of Brampton, and it shows a sense of being humble and not too greedy, in which was shown with Fennell. She also hopes her councillors will follow suit and reduce their pays as well also the special tax break was intended only for Ontario municipalities that don’t give elected officials fair compensation for work expenses.

– Bneet Bhamra


Liberals introduce bill to create provincial pension plan

The liberals are introducing a mandatory provincial pension plan that could kills jobs.

The bill is set to be placed January 1st 2017. It’s a bill for retirement pensions plans that give pensions to people who’s work places do not cover it. It’s a bill that has a lot of consequences such as requiring employees to each pay 1.9 percent to Ontario Chamber of Commerce, which will result in less jobs.

This plan will enable places to spend more money when hiring people and will hurt competitiveness. The Progressive Conservatives also warned that Ontario’s weak economic recovery could be stalled by mandatory pension contributions from employers.

Instead of helping to improve the pension plans we already have, why are we trying to create our own retirement pension?

– Bneet Bhamra


Ontario, Don’t Dump Our Money Into Rebuilding an Outdated Power Station

in this article, the decision of the government is to either raise your electricity bill to rebuild the Darlington Nuclear Station or lower your bill with water power from Quebec.

There are a lot of pros and cons for this type of situation, mainly that money could be saved in either decision. For the Darlington Nuclear Station, the average household can save between $52 and $192 per year, while if Canada signs for the Water power bill, Quebec on average could save up to $700 million to $2.6 billion a year.

One thing of concern with this decision is that of the liberals. They have an option to save money for us if they cancel the Darlington rebuild. Since the liberals have been through many issues regarding the high electricity bills and and gas price scandals, this could be a way for redemption. This is the best option, but we all need to hope now that the liberals make a good choice.

– Bneet Bhamra


Wynne’s mission to China a success

Wynne’s China mission brings Ontario 230 new jobs

Ontario’s sister province from China, Jiangsu, has agreed to invest $130 million in Ontario to create 230 new jobs. The announcement came from Premier Kathleen Wynne during her recent trade mission in China. The investment brings factory jobs to Ontario, they are also looking to invest $40 million into the medical field; which hasn’t been finalized yet. The overseas deal is yet another indication of Ontario’s strong economic relationship with the Jiangsu province.

– Robbie Garcia